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4 myths about the tumble dryer

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A clothes dryer is a practical solution for those who want to say goodbye to the sight of laundry hanging up in the apartment and on the balcony. However, a lot of myths have grown up around tumble dryers. We take a look at a few of them!

Myth 1: Dryers damage clothes

If you use the dryer as recommended, paying attention to the type and amount of clothes you put in it, your clothes will not be damaged. On some clothes’ labels, you may find a circle with a crossed out square – this is a sign that the item should not be tumble dried.

Myth 2: After drying, clothes are very wrinkled

More and more tumble dryer models are equipped with a crease reduction function, which can be added to all available drying programs. In addition, the dryer, spinning in both directions, heats and fluffs the clothes, which also helps to reduce the number of possible creases.

Myth 3: Clothes get creased

The opposite is true, especially for woolen garments. Woolen clothes dried in this way are much less likely to wrinkle. For clothes that are already wrinkled, the drying process helps remove fluff and fluff from the fabrics.

Myth 4: Dryers are expensive and use a lot of electricity

The cheapest tumble dryers can be bought for less than £1000 and the average model uses less electricity than a washing machine. Models of class A+ and above allow you to save so much energy that one cycle of drying will cost us on average just one zloty.

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