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Why is SEO so important for today’s businesses?

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Marketing in the 21st century has undoubtedly moved online. Today’s advertisements are largely created through social media, websites or search engines. For any modern business, this type of marketing opens up an additional avenue to reach potential customers.

Why does it pay to invest in SEO?

Promoting a business often involves a lot of money. When spending a lot of money on marketing, it is worth investing in long-term and possibly reliable solutions. One of such activities is positioning, otherwise known as SEO.

This type of service carried out by specialists in the industry allows you to increase your visibility on the web. All the work is carried out on the basis of the company’s website. Acting within its content and design, content is created that is attractive to search engine algorithms, making them more likely to promote it by placing links to it high in organic search results

How does positioning work?

In practice it works on a very simple principle. For example, when looking for a gardening store in Poznan, many users decide to type the phrase “gardening store Poznan” in the Google search engine. SEO is a series of actions that result in a page appearing as high as possible in the displayed results

In the above example, the purpose of SEO is to reach people who are interested in a particular industry, who are looking for a particular service or product in a particular city. The competition in this case will be the other stores that offer products for the garden in Poznań. In addition, you can add other key phrases for people looking for specific products, but remember that they should be related to the area of activity of the company. For many years Google has been “penalizing” people who want to position simply on the popular phrases. In the case of gardening stores, these might be searches for seeds, gardening equipment or soil. Simple, right?

Changing search engine algorithms a problem for inexperienced agencies

Positioning only on the surface seems simple. It’s all due to not fully understood and constantly evolving algorithms responsible for what content is currently promoted by Google. You may have to wait a few months for SEO results, so you should make sure that the company you’ve commissioned has done its job properly.

Positioning is a long-term investment that is able to pay off very quickly. A large part of people’s lives have moved to the Internet. Through it one buys transport tickets, searches for information, learns, works or even does grocery shopping. Search engines are the most commonly used tool for this purpose, therefore properly defined needs and expectations combined with experience and skills of hired SEO agency are able to significantly increase sales of a company, build its position in the market or improve online visibility

Positioning definitely pays off, both for smaller entrepreneurs and large companies looking for new customers or contractors

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