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Choosing handles for furniture – this is what you should be guided by

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Furniture handles are small accents that, contrary to appearances, have an impact on the perception of the entire room. They attract attention and complement every arrangement. It is worth to pay attention to them and choose them according to the style in which your interior is arranged

Create a coherent character

The most important thing is to adjust the handles to the entire decor. They should be a matching element, which underlines the potential of the interior. Even such small details are of great importance, so it is worth spending some time to choose them well. Pay attention to the color scheme and finish. It is best to purchase such handles, which are in the same style as the one in which the room is decorated. Choose one for a modern interior and another for a classic, loft, Scandinavian or minimalist one. To create a coherent character, choose the same handle for each piece of furniture. Then it will create a perfect and well-thought-out whole

When choosing a color, match it with other elements in the room. If you opt for gold or matte black accessories, stay with this option. It is also worth to match their shape, so that they look good. If the furniture is slightly rounded, choose elongated handles or knobs. You should also match them to items like door and window handles, hangers or lamps. You can buy a variety of handles online at

Match handles to the type of furniture

It is important to choose handles that match the purpose of the room and the specific furniture. Consider how the cabinets open and where they are placed. Their use is also important. The type and size also depends, of course, on whether it is a drawer or a standard door, for example. Some furniture requires elongated handles, such as large closets. Recessed handles, which provide a flat front surface, are very suitable for sliding doors. Edge handles are often found in kitchen furniture. Before you buy, carefully count how much you need of the items in question to better prepare yourself. This will also help you calculate the estimated cost you can spend on such additions

Choose the right material

Handles can be made of different materials. Their finish also affects the final effect. For example, they can be created from aluminum, brass, stainless steel or copper. Then they give an elegant character, because they are usually shiny and precisely made. An interesting option are handles made of ceramic. Then they fit into classic rooms. Wooden handles are a very universal solution. You can successfully match them to an apartment in the Scandinavian style. Stone and concrete handles will be ideal for this type of interior. They will also be suitable if you opt for simple and minimalist solutions

Opt for interesting design

Such handles are an ingenious way to smuggle original design elements into the apartment. It is worth betting on carefully crafted accessories for this purpose. You should pay attention to the quality of the material from which they are made. More and more people are betting on varied design and a variety of colors. A lot of people are starting to experiment with this type of accessories. Some of them have unique patterns, which are cleverly and carefully designed. We especially recommend supporting Polish design and local manufacturers because often their products are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, you have a guarantee of quality and a big impact on the development of domestic businesses.

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