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Motorized interior blinds and shutters – everything you need to know

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Do you want to make small changes in your home? Functionality and comfort are important to you? Do you dream of a shaded and elegant space? See how blinds and roller blinds with an internal drive are a great solution!

One of the trends of recent months are interior roller blinds, which can be controlled automatically. There are several types of such roller blinds. It is worth focusing on electric – Roman or wooden blinds. Generally, the trend associated with the use of motors enabling to roll up and roll down the blinds was popular already several years ago. However, such a solution was widespread in the case of external roller blinds. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of motorized roller blinds and shades to decorate our interiors

What is worth knowing about motorized roller blinds and shades?

Roller blinds and motorized blinds differ from traditional interior roller blinds. First of all, the way they are used. Mechanical lowering of the blinds is a domain of standard roller blinds – the construction is based on the principle of lifting and lowering the fabric blind with a string or beads and little use of our strength.

Automatic roller blinds are much easier to operate. To close a window with them, you need to click a special button or use a remote control. The mechanism of motorized roller blinds and shades is based on a motor which is usually located in the roller. Sometimes it happens that manufacturers equip their equipment with controllers, which enable precise setting of the moment when they have to raise or lower themselves. In this way we can control in a certain way your home even when you are away. This is a very functional solution

Type of control

Roller blinds and indoor blinds are operated both wired and wirelessly. Both options equate to the overall comfort of using these products, but they are slightly different. Wired roller blinds always have a wall switch. Thanks to it, we can control them

The wireless option is a more convenient solution because we can manage our interior blinds with a remote control, and sometimes an app that we can successfully install on our phone. Often electric blinds and shades are equipped with weather sensors. As you can guess, this is special software that adjusts the setting of blinds depending on weather conditions. In this way, we can actually completely forget about the need to constantly lower and raise them. Thanks to this, our interiors will certainly not heat up too much, which is a huge advantage, especially in summer, when the air temperature is very high and simply unbearable.

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Roller blinds and motorized blinds (of any type) will certainly prove useful in any home. They are a very comfortable solution that, if possible, should be used in every home. The prices of internal roller blinds with automatic drive are not exorbitant. We can certainly adjust the right product to the finances at our disposal. However, it is worth investing a bit more money, if we have such an opportunity, to purchase a good quality product

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