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How to arrange the mirror in the bedroom?

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In the bedroom, the mirror plays an important role, but it is worthwhile to arrange it properly. In each space, of course, a different shape and size of the mirror will work, It all depends on the size of the bedroom and the spacing of the various pieces of furniture. Also, do not forget about the style in which the room is kept. A different mirror will fit the industrial style, and another for a glamorous climate. So how to arrange the interior with the use of a mirror in an interesting way?

Mirror in the bedroom – where to mount it?

Interiors with mirrors are not only more functional, but also seem optically larger. However, it is necessary to maintain full consistency, which will make the room look great. You can choose between wall-mounted versions, as well as those that are an integral part of a closet or dressing table. Also great are freestanding models that can be rearranged at will, which give an interesting expression to the bedroom.

When it comes to finishes, there are even more versions. On the market you can easily find interesting shapes, ornaments and sizes. Each of them will work well in a different room. The most popular place to mount a mirror is the wall above the bed. It is there, as a rule, that you will find a rectangular or egg-shaped mirror, which will make the bed look special. You can also place it opposite the bed, in which case the room will appear larger. 

On the other hand, mirrors on the closet look best opposite the window. It is thanks to them that the room will be optically larger. You can also purchase a dressing table with a large mirror on it. It will be best to place it next to the window, so the daylight will make it easy for you to do all your makeup.

Match the mood of the mirror to the style of the room

An important aspect will be to match the mirror to the climate of the room. So, other models will work well in an industrial interior, and others in rooms with a glamorous climate. Let’s start with the fact that in modern rooms you can bet on unique shapes, such as those with irregular sides. Then they will look best in a vertical version, which can be fixed next to the closet.

Also, do not forget about backlighting, to make the mirror more intriguing, it is worth using led strips that attach to the mirror frame. You can illuminate them in different colors, which will also increase the attractiveness of this room. On the other hand, glamour mirrors are those that shine beautifully, as a rule they also contain plastic ornaments resembling crystals. Solutions made of gold will also look great.

For industrial interiors, on the other hand, models in a heavy, minimalist frame are recommended, which directly relate to the raw style. Arranged in this way, the interior with consistent mirrors will certainly seem fuller and more functional.

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